Ronnie Notes & Willy Backs Talk About It with Franjez

Welcome to Episode 2 of "Talk About It with Franjez" featuring Ronnie Notes & Willy Backs! Join Ronnie Notes, Willy Backs, and Franjez in a candid and insightful conversation that spans across diverse topics, including family values, the challenges of raising teenage daughters, co-parenting dynamics, and the allure of Puerto Rico.


1/16/20241 min read

We delve into the importance of family structure and the joy of planning memorable dates at backyard BBQs. Join us as we uncover the hidden gems of NYC's Highline Park and discuss the unique experiences of women who travel extensively. Our discussion takes an adventurous turn as we explore the world of vacation rentals through Airbnb, recount wild nights of clubbing in Orlando, and dive into the vibrant party scene of Miami. Brace yourself for captivating stories as we share our perspectives on surviving a Mexican jail, immersing ourselves in the beauty of Tulum and Cancun, and even touch upon the role of artificial intelligence and the impact of ChatGPT.

Throughout the episode, we shine a light on the charms of Florida, discussing its diverse offerings and the prevalence of AI scammers. Join us for an engaging and enlightening conversation that will leave you entertained, informed, and ready to share the excitement with others. Subscribe to our channel for more compelling episodes, hit the notification bell to stay updated, and be sure to share this video with your friends and fellow adventurers. Let's make this episode go viral as we bring you candid discussions, unforgettable stories, and a fresh perspective on life's adventures!









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