Meet Coalishun

Richie Yoyo & The Cauze from Coalishun are guests on "Talk About It With Franjez Podecast"


11/29/20231 min read

Coalishun is a Yonkers based Music Group that has been operating collectively for over 10 years. Isaac AKA The Cauze and Richie Yo Yo AKA Richie Pigkaso have been passionately working on music. Franjez filmed episode 25 of his podcast Talk About It With Franjez in the Coalishun Studio located in Yonkers New York. We dive deep into Richie Yoyo's passion for Yoyoing and Rapping from the beginning. We also dive into the passion The Cauze has for music production, writing, engineering etc. I had the pleasure of watching this dynamic duo at work while recording Richie Yoyo's newest untitled track. We learn about the ins and outs of yoyoing, the New York Yoyo scene, Richie's dream of Yoyoing for kids in New York schools and spreading the positive word. Franjez Asked Richie Yo Yo his top 5 favorite artists and he said Big L, Method Man, Red Man, Busta Rhymes and Eminem. When i asked The Cauze the same question he said DMX, The LOX and...