Essa The Barber Talk About It With Franjez Episode 6

Welcome back to another exciting episode of "Talk About It with Franjez Podcast"! In this episode, we have a special guest joining us - Essa the Barber. Get ready for an enlightening conversation as we dive into various topics and explore the world through Essa's unique perspective.


1/20/20242 min read

Welcome to Episode 6 of "Talk About It with Franjez Podcast" featuring Essa the Barber ! Join Essa the Barber and Franjez as they embark on an enlightening conversation that covers a wide range of topics, from culinary skills to life's adventures. In this episode, we unravel the secrets of cooking eggs to perfection and delve into the realm of healthy eating. We explore the merits of a vegetarian lifestyle, discuss the importance of meal planning, and share valuable tips on cutting back on meat and processed foods for a healthier diet. Our conversation takes a health-focused turn as we address the common issue of vitamin D deficiency and offer practical advice on getting more sunlight, staying hydrated, and reducing salt intake. Shifting gears, we delve into the unique experiences and challenges of the California homeless lifestyle, exploring the dynamics of cities like San Diego and Los Angeles. We also embark on a virtual journey as we discuss the wonders of visiting Thailand and the rich cultural experiences it offers. Prepare for thought-provoking discussions as we delve into the ancestral tenets promoted by Liver King, contemplating their relevance in modern society. We also touch upon the highly anticipated Ryan Garcia vs. Gervonta Davis boxing match, examining the implications and predictions surrounding this exciting showdown. Our conversation takes a deeper dive into the realms of dating in 2023, exploring the complex dynamics and societal shifts that shape relationships. We address the topic of emasculating men and the changing roles of women in modern society, including the perception of women not cooking. The conversation takes an introspective turn as we contemplate strategies for wealth creation and discuss the potential transformative experiences of substances such as DMT, Psilocybin, and Ayahuasca. Join us for an engaging and enlightening conversation that will leave you inspired to explore your culinary skills, embrace new experiences, and challenge societal norms. Subscribe to our channel for more captivating episodes, hit the notification bell to stay updated, and share this video to help spread the knowledge and excitement. Let's make this episode go viral as we navigate the intricacies of cooking, health, travel, and self-discovery!








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